About Us

About Us

Our Vision

Burnaby Construction is committed to leading by example, to achieve our vision of the new generation of homebuilders: homebuilders who have a meaningful impact – not just in our industry, but in our communities, too. Our long-term vision is to play a leading role in building premium Burnaby homes that that find a balance between the needs of people and our communities. We will achieve this by making a positive difference in every home we design and build.

This vision is shared by everyone on our team – from our architects to our framers to everyone in between who contributes to building a luxury home. And most importantly, this vision is shared by all of our clients.

Our Story

As an innovative, creative Burnaby custom home builder, Burnaby Construction has redefined the experience of smart and energy efficient home living for families who only want the best. Noting a lack of high-quality homes with competitive prices being built for discerning clients who wanted reliability, Burnaby Construction has raised the bar when it comes to the creation of custom designed luxury residences exuding architectural excellence and inspiring, spacious interiors. For not only a fine home, but the lifestyle that comes with it, the name more discerning luxury home buyers choose is Burnaby Construction Homes.

Every home displays our quality craftsmanship, uniqueness and great design. Whether you require a new build on your property or a rebuild of an existing house, our talented team of architects, designers and consultants can bring your vision of fine home living to fruition. Whichever you require, an Burnaby Construction home is a singular statement of luxury living that is indeed timeless, and a joy to come home to every day.

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